Moving to France? Find Out More About Cargo Shipping to France

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With an area of over 190,000 square miles or 500,000 square kilometers, Spain is the second biggest country in Western Europe and the European Union, following France. Spain is a member of the United Nations, NATO, OECD, WTO, and the European Union. Based on 2005 data, the country has the tenth highest quality of life index rating according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Famous for its beaches, and sunny summer weather, Barcelona and Madrid are two of the country’s most popular destinations for tourists and newcomers.

If you are thinking about shipping household 중국배대지 items and other cargo to Spain, there are some customs rules and regulations you might want to know first before you plan your move.

If you are shipping new items to Spain, you will likely be expected to pay taxes, which are typically based on the value of the item. There are also duty taxes and/or restrictions on shipping alcohol, food items, and tobacco to Spain.

Used household goods and related items can be shipped to Spain for free provided you have used them for at least 6 months before shipping. In order to ship household goods to Spain without paying duty fees, it is important that you get all of your necessary paperwork in order. This is something that a shipping cargo expert can assist you with.

If you are a resident of Spain returning to the country, or if you are not a resident of Spain but are planning on living in Spain, after you arrive in the country, you will need to register with the local town hall. There are also some documents you need to get in order to make your cargo shipping experience easier:

Residents of Spain will also need a “Certificate of Change of Address” issued by the Spanish Consulate. If you are not a resident of Spain, you’ll need an “Application for Spanish Residence Permit or a Work Permit which allows you to work in Spain.

For individuals who are not citizens of Spain, you will also want to have some important numbers for tax purposes. Members of the Common Market can use their European Community Card information. For others, you’ll want to obtain a NIE Number. The NIE number, or “Número de Identificación de Extranjeros,” is a tax identification number used in Spain. Issued by the National Police of Spain, it is required by Spanish law in order to conduct a wide variety of transactions in Spain, including the purchase or sale of any real estate or vehicle within the country. You will obtain this from the police station for customs purposes


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